Ted Cruz

http://www.tedcruz.org Ted Cruz is in my opinion an amazing man. He has gone to Washington and has stood his ground on his stance, his principles and his views. Will he be a good President? I do not know, but I personally will be watching him closely in the future and checking him along with Rand Paul. Right now (and that may change based on what I see or do not see form him) I am a supporter of Ted Cruz. Please look at this man and give him serious consideration. No, I am not saying vote for him. Again that is your decision to make.

https://www.govtrack.us/congress/members/ted_cruz/412573 This is Ted Cruz’s voting record. It is from the same page as Rand Paul’s page I provided. Ted Cruz is closely aligned with Rand Paul on many subjects. Everyone is somewhat different but Ted Cruz is for freedom, less Gov intrusion, less Gov regulations, less taxes.

Please look at what he stands for.


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