Rand Paul

http://www.randpaul.com This is a link to Rand Paul’s web page. NOTE: If the pages of those running for POTUS asking for donations offends you then do not look at any of those pages. They all will be asking for donations and they all need money for adds, trips to difference states, and to make signs and commercials. Elections cost a lot of money – so step one – if that offends you get over it right away.

https://www.govtrack.us/congress/members/rand_paul/412492 This is a link to Rand Paul’s voting record. Take the time to review it. If you are more of a freedom loving Libertarian then Rand Paul may be a person you can support. His voting record shows he is more for freedom, liberty and for less of the Gov controlling your life. Having said that, the Gov does have a role in our lives but if you go back through history the Governments role was not to be all intrusive. The role of the Federal Gov is to protect the United States of America, our borders and its citizens. The Fed Gov does insure through regulations we have clean air, water and sanitary standards. We have safety rules such as OSHA and we have an interstate road program. But when the Fed Gov dictates what you eat, drink, water on your land, etc they have crossed into intrusion of our freedoms.

SUMMARY: If you want less Gov intrusion, more freedom, do not want the NSA listening in on your conversations, lower taxes then maybe you should look closer at Rand Paul. Again I will not say VOTE FOR HIM! That is your decision.


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