Hillary Clinton

https://www.hillaryclinton.com This is the site for Hillary Clinton. As you can see she too ask for money. She has not held an elected official office since 2009. She was the first lady to Bill Clinton and was the Secretary of State under President Obama. Neither of these are elected positions. My problems are many with Hillary. They stole silverware when they left the WH or as the story goes. I was not there so I do not know for sure. She said they were flat broke when they left the WH. That sure does not pass the smell test for me. She claims she was not responsible for the talking points about a video in Benghazi where the Embassy ended up with 4 dead Americans. And if you ask why does that have anything to do with Hillary? The answer is simple. These were diplomats & staff who work directly for the SOS (Secretary of State). The came under attack and no one came to their aid and therefore they died. As it stands there were service member who wanted to help but were told to STAND DOWN. Then Susan Rice went on talk shows and said the attack was due to a video. Everyone who was involved said differently. So again what does tis have to do with Hillary Clinton. She is the top person as the SOS for those diplomats who were murdered because no one came to hep them. And to this day we still do not know must except this: Weather is was a video or a bunch of guys out on the town wanted to kill Americans that night – what difference at this point does it make” – Hillary Clinton on the Benghazi murder of her employees.

We also know that as Gov employees you are required to use Gov email systems & accounts. I know, I’ve been there. But for some reason Hillary had set up her own private email on her own private server at her own private residence. While that may not seem like a big issue to you, consider this. Does it look like she is possibly trying to cover her tracks? Something to consider with electing someone you hope you can trust.

Another issue I have with Hillary is this. She said in her own words when running for POTUS against Obama yrs ago that she is an “early 20th century progressive” That right there does it for me. And if you have NO IDEA what an early 20th century progressive  then read this one book. NEW DEAL or RAW DEAL by Burton Folsom Jr. Also look up what happened to the Pharis Tire & Rubber Company of Newark, Ohio. Or about the vote to ensure women got a certain pay that cost many women their jobs such as the elevator operator. See, the Fed Gov has great intentions but somehow just seems to screw up a lot of things.

https://www.govtrack.us/congress/members/hillary_clinton/300022 This was her voting record when she was in the Senate. That was from 2001 to 2009 for the state of New York. But we wanted to ensure if it was available we provided it for you.

But again – if Hillary is your person and you want more Gov control, regulations etc then you may want to give her your support. In the effort to be honest I had to include her web page & info here but she will not have my support on election day.


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