My Prepper thoughts – Finally

First off forget those PREPPER SHOWS. To do those things takes a lot of money, sometimes land and huge amount of time. If you can – great but most can not. You do what you can do. For instance stockpiling some food and water. Here are some key things I have found from experience.

  1. Anybody can store some water but make sure you use the proper containers. Milk containers are not real good for drinking water. 2 liter pop bottles work great. Also keep the water cool and out of sunlight.
  2. Normal canned food does not last long. So if you use it, make sure you cycle based on expiration dates or you may waste money and the food.
  3. MRE’s are not a good items for food storage either. They only last a few years and that depends on their environment. Too hot, too cold, too damp causes these to have a shorter shelf life


  1. Check out the following food options at the below provided on the right column under SURVIVAL & PREPAREDNESS.
  2. Many of these survival food companies will let you make payments and ship you food as you get things paid off.
  3. The food last for up to 25 yrs for some items. All you need is water (which you should be storing) and a way to heat the water.
  4. Some of these companies will send you free samples.
  5. Do they taste like home cooking, NOPE not going to lie to you. But if you’re in survival mode you will be glad you got it. And no it is not bad at all.




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