Prepper ideas

Back in the day our parents were in fact peppers. They canned food – they were peppers. And no I am not talking about the show peppers where they build fortresses in the woods, underground living quarters, stockpile weapons, ammo, fuel and many other things. Not that doing so is bad but most can not afford that so you do what YOU can for your family. Now here is what I do, would do, have done.

There are a few web sites where you can buy freeze dried food, packaged and able to be stored for many years. How much you have is a personal decision. All up to you. Water is more critical than food but you need both to survive.

Food Insurance

Emergency Essentials

My Patriot Supply

Each of these link have many ideas, plans and options. Some even have samples you can test. NOTE: The salt (sodium) level may be higher in these so check that if you need to be on a low sodium diet. They have containers for water storage as well. So rather than me coming up with some crazy ideas these web sites have done a lot of work and provide a vet amount of information. ENJOY.


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