Visions are how I view an item, subject or a topic. You may or may not agree and that is not a problem. I think you have to look at everything with an open mind and the ability to think for yourself. I am very willing to listen to many other points of view, absorb the information and learn from that information. I also am very willing to grow and change. Many think that if you believe something and you change that belief after a period of time you compromise. I do not think that is 100% true. As we know we find over time we think something is a certain way, then later in life we find that was not true. Do we not change based on the new information? I would hope so.

Please be willing to take information in, absorb it, question it, do your own homework, and come to an educated decision. Then be willing to continue to learn and be able to change as you become enlightened. But do your own homework.

The problems in America are not a Democrat or Republican problem, they are an American problem. We the People getting back to God, Faith, Morals and to being good hard-working people with compassion and rule of law will prevail. Following rule of law does not mean you’re not compassionate. Sometimes following the law will help those in the end. When we ask God for something, sometimes NO is the answer. We may not like it, but it is what is best for us in the end.

Take a look at the Visions tab to see mine on various subjects. Enjoy


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